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    Glenn Curran wins 2016 North Shore Businessperson of the year

    I received a very unexpected but welcome accolade last night at the Local Business Awards. Very humbled to receive the North Shore Businessperson of the year for 2016, especially ... View Article »
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    Off market selling: Is it a good option?

    It’s a question I’ve heard raised a little recently: Is there any value in selling my property off market? With real estate prominently in the press for a variety of reasons, ... View Article »
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    Social media: It’s more than just a sales tool

    A recent Google study found that more and more consumers are going online in their search for an agent to sell their home. In 2014 this trend grew 14% alone. To be fair, that’s ... View Article »
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    How your culture will affect your future success

    Howard Schultz, the legendary founder and CEO of Starbucks, once said, “The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company”. It’s a sentiment ... View Article »
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    The rise of the Millennial Generation: How does real estate adapt?

    This week I was fortunate enough to speak at the Business of Real Estate event on the Gold Coast. It was a great couple of days involving some industry heavyweights, with ... View Article »
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    Glenn Curran presents at 'Business of Real Estate'

    This week I presented at the Business of Real Estate event on the Gold Coast. This event brings together industry leaders to talk about the future of real estate and the key ... View Article »
  • The rise of the 'smart home': Will it add value to your property?

    I was speaking with a good friend the other day and she explained a story about a colleague of hers that was using an Apple Watch to remotely turn off lights her kids keep ... View Article »
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    3 reasons why the upper North Shore is a hot spot

    With the election behind us, it’s worth looking at the road ahead for the upper North Shore. At Curran Property it’s our core market and we’re involved in it on a daily ... View Article »
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    Property and the Federal election: What you need to know

    As we head to the polls this weekend, it’s been hard to escape the coverage of the 2016 Federal election. Like you, I’m tired of the seemingly endless campaign and the ... View Article »
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    3 reasons why selling this winter makes perfect sense

    At the end of December 2015 I wrote a post on my 3 predictions for the market in 2016. As we approach the halfway mark of 2016, I wanted to revisit this and take stock of ... View Article »
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    3 ways mobility is changing real estate

    I read an article recently in The Australian about how everything around us is speeding up. Everything seems faster and more competitive than ever before: we work more, sleep ... View Article »
  • The importance of your community in creating a leading business

    Last Saturday night I had the privilege of hosting the Make Bullying History annual north shore gala dinner. It was a fantastic night at the Greengate Hotel in Killara, being ... View Article »
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    Savvy Sydneysiders still seeing great results

    Despite the constant coverage about the property market cooling, our vendors have bucked the trend and we've seen some outstanding results. From a record sale in Killara to ... View Article »
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    Fear or ignorance? 5 Reasons why you can’t fall behind in embracing technology

    Have you read any industry news lately? There are the predictable pieces on housing prices and “hot” suburbs to watch out for. Then there’s the chest thumping articles ... View Article »
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    5 skills successful agents of the future will have in common

    In building my business, I’ve taken a different approach to recruitment than many of my competitors. Rather than simply hire agents with many years industry experience, ... View Article »
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    Elite Agent Interview with Glenn Curran

    As promised here's the link to my interview with Elite Agent magazine. After just two years I'm very proud of the success we've had and what we're building here at Curran ... View Article »
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    Your reputation is the most valuable thing you own.

    I recently wrote about my thoughts on the recent anti-underquoting legislation. Since the new legislation was announced, which I broadly support, I’ve noticed a number of ... View Article »
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    Curran makes the cover of Elite Agent

    Very excited that Curran Property have been given the feature story in this month’s Elite Agent magazine, with yours truly on the cover. Its a huge reward for our agency ... View Article »
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    It may be the end for the 'corner shop' real estate, but not the end of the agent!

    In today’s fast changing environment, we’ve seen the way we interact shift dramatically. Technology has changed the way we communicate: think smartphones and social media. ... View Article »
  • Under-quoting: Fact or fiction?

    I support any regulation that increases transparency in real estate transactions and improves the perception of our industry in the eyes of the public. The new legislation ... View Article »

Meet the Team


66 Springdale Road, Killara

Our eldest son first contacted Glenn some eighteen months ago with a view to consider a marketing strategy for our home of the last forty years. After some off market offers , due to John's ill health, we did not commit to any sale campaign. Glenn had the foresight ... Continue Reading »

John & Patricia Mortlock

32 Scullin Place, Wahroonga

"Passion, knowledge and experience resulted in a great outcome - Carol Johnson has a great passion for her work and she knows our suburb exceptionally well. We felt we were in safe and expert hands at every stage of our sales process. We rate Carol’s organisation ... Continue Reading »

Mark Narborough & Guy Narborough

17 Sylvan Avenue, East Lindfield

Glenn, Ying & the Curran Team achieved a quick, successful sale for us. The process seemed easy & pain free. We knew the progress straight away & all information was passed to us in a concise manner without any 'fluffing'. We were ready to move on from our home & ... Continue Reading »

Jin Choong & Peter Brittain

44 Sylvan Avenue, East Lindfield

We were lucky to find the perfect agent. Glenn and his team are all very approachable and helpful and very easy to talk to. Glenn's manner is friendly and relaxed yet super-professional and very polished. Selling a house after 20 years as owners is very stressful and ... Continue Reading »

Richard & Deborah Green

40-42 Nelson Road, Lindfield

In 1985, my wife and I purchased Fieldhead a Federation-style two-storey residence at 42 Nelson Rd, Lindfield, situated on a double block. Over the next thirty years we restored the property to a high state of acceptance, including a tennis court, substantial gardens, ... Continue Reading »

Brian Mahony

49 Grosvenor Road, Wahroonga

Glenn Curran and Carol Johnson of CURRAN Chatswood took on the task of selling our home in Wahroonga in 2015. We were not quite ready to downsize our large 'empty nest' but saw no harm in gauging the market interest. Over the next few months we held many discussions ... Continue Reading »

Rafal & Gonum Pietrzak

4 Baker Place, Lindfield

We acted for a third party in the sale of 4 Baker Place Lindfield. After preparing a short list of recommended agents we requested formal proposals from each of the agents. Following review of the Proposals and personal interviews we chose Curran Property to act as ... Continue Reading »

Graeme McGown & Tony Wong

23 Waimea Road, Lindfield

We recently sold our family home in Lindfield at auction through Glenn and his team and we were extremely happy with the result achieved. We selected Glenn because we thought that he was very results oriented and would give us a lot of personal attention. We were wary ... Continue Reading »

Mary Meagher and Vincent Dwyer